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Speedway Maine - (July, 2017)
Speedway Maine tells the story of over 100 years of short track auto racing in Maine. Drivers, track owners and fans from multiple generations detail the lifestyle, dedication and passion for one of the most addictive sports in the world. (Anticipated release date: July 1st, 2017) More...

The Northeast by Eastern - Watch online / Buy DVD
Interviews and oral histories divulge stories from a quieter, simpler, yet stirring time period, including first-hand accounts of smuggling during prohibition, river drivers brawling for fun, growing up without worry and without constant adult supervision, and of slop buckets spilling on tourists’ pies. These accounts are woven together amidst archived films and the exceptional backdrop of Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co.'s photography.

The Maine Frontier - Watch online / buy DVD
The Maine Frontier: Through The Lens of Isaac Walton Simpson, combines the scarcely seen turn-of-the-century photography of Isaac Simpson with both archived and current films, oral histories, and a compelling musical soundtrack. The Maine Frontier is an illustration of family, work, community and culture in northern Maine at the turn-of-the-century, exemplified via Isaac Simpson's extensive photographic collection of logging camps, farms, "Shack Hill and "Little Italy" in Millinocket, railroad tie camps, shoe-last camps, and of the pioneering families who sustained a life on the Maine Frontier. Employing Isaac Simpson's exemplifying photographs, The Maine Frontier investigates the unique geographical circumstances of a pioneering people in a region virtually disconnected from the rest of the state and country.

In the Blood - Watch online / buy DVD / visit website
Up to the turn of the century, it was not a board of directors or a bureaucratic system that made the logging camp and industry successful, it was the skills, integrity, and personality of individuals. In The Blood illustrates and celebrates these individuals, their character and history. The audience is taken into his rugged environment- into the camp, onto the haul roads, landings and yards, rivers and lakes. In The Blood creates a vivid world and brings the lumberman’s 19th century reality to life.