The history, heritage & culture of short track auto racing in Maine: seen through current footage and rare archived films; heard through first-hand accounts from the pits, interviews with legends, retired drivers, current drivers, track owners, flaggers and fans, all detailing the lifestyle, dedication, and thrill of one the most addictive sports in the world.
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Interviews and oral histories divulge stories from a quieter, simpler, yet stirring time period, including first-hand accounts of smuggling during prohibition, river drivers brawling for fun, growing up without worry and without constant adult supervision, and of slop buckets spilling on tourists’ pies. These accounts are woven together amidst archived films and the exceptional backdrop of Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co.'s photography.
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The Maine Frontier features the exemplary photography of Isaac Simpson, complimented with archived films and interviews. The Maine Frontier is a vivid and authentic illustration of northern Maine at the turn-of-the-century, and will transport you back to the region’s pioneering frontier culture. Isaac Simpson, his family and his photographic subjects exemplify the character and condition prevalent in northern Maine. Purchase a DVD


An illustration of the life, character and history of the turn-of-the-century Maine lumbermen & river drivers-
In the Blood employs stories and descriptions told by the men themselves, offering an accurate, detailed, and seemingly personal experience- as though you are sitting in a camp listening to the men. You will forget, at least fleetingly, you are watching on a screen and not sitting in a camp, driving down a river, or rolling on the yard. In the Blood sheds new light on the character and history of these legendary Maine men. The experience is a striking virtual journey into the 19th century Maine woods.
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