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“McKane's landscapes are tinged in ambient atmospheres and pulled by an undertow of psychedelia that makes them some of the most unassumingly mind-bending music of the decade... Sumner manages to touch the nostalgic, wistful side of us without being remotely quaint...”

-John Diliberto, Echoes, National Public Radio

"McKane's in his thirties [used to be... now he's in his forties] and somewhat tucked away an hour north of Portland, but his art-minded interdisciplinary work is some of the most compelling sort of historical studies in the area."

-Portland Phoenix

Sumner McKane is a filmmaker and composer based in Wiscasset, Maine. He records instrumental music, film scores, and music for media. He produces historical documentaries along with companion live presentations to his films. In a few short years, Sumner has built a reputation for innovative historical storytelling using multimedia, combining various mediums to tell a historical story in a live setting. Sumner studied photography in Missoula, Montana at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and the University of Montana. He graduated from the University of Southern Maine with high honors in history. His music is often featured on National Public Radio’s Echoes program, and he is a recent Maine Arts Commission Performing Arts and Media Fellow award recipient.

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